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Sitting by a body of water in the dark

Premiering July 27 + 28 at PAGEANT

Performed by Nina Guevara and Noa Rui-Piin Weiss

This work has been supported by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, MOtiVE Brooklyn and Mana Contemporary

"Sitting by a body of water in the dark” responds to Ewa Partum’s 1971 performance film “Active Poetry”. Partum tosses paper letters into various natural environments, letting them be carried by the wind or water. I mythologize Partum's work as a method of prayer, a performance of surrender to external, uncontrollable forces. “Sitting by a body…” continues the exploration of how we engage with The Invisible. Performers memorize sections of text referencing Partum’s work and rearrange them spontaneously into poems. Voices shift in and out of unison by chance. Language crests and falls, like waves. We decontextualize poetry and reduce it to its somatic potential: its rhythm and breath patterning. We ask the space to guide our impulse, letting The Invisible craft the dance for us. We call in 90s rave music to saturate the space with electricity and hypnosis. This piece exists in the ocean, inside darkness and anti gravity.

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