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Premiering April 26 + 27 at the Gowanus Dredger's Boathouse

Performed by Mia Martelli

This work has been supported by a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Broadchannel is a solo that visits childhood bedroom performance-making. The 2000s-era sounds, drawings, lighting, poems, and unfinished choreographies created in private are put on display and repurposed as a platform for contemporary questions around aging, spiritualism, and environmental collapse.

Improvised dances emerge in response to the rhythm, colors, and temperatures of the newly subtropical waterways of South Brooklyn and the Rockaway Peninsula. The rapture - dolphins breaching in the Gowanus Canal - and horror - six-foot-wide whirlpools flooding the same neighborhood - serve as non-fiction mythology, shaking the prospect of building a future in a place surrounded by water. 

Broadchannel is highly felt in its low-fi-ism. Pink floodlights, tonal noise-music, and erratic theatrics diffuse the ecstatic morbidity of rising temperatures and tides.

This work will be performed three times, on or by the water. The first performance will take place at the Gowanus Dredger’s Canoe Club Boathouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Proceeds from this show will go towards the Dredger’s Canal Cleanup efforts. The second performance will take place in Gloucester, Massachusetts, a peninsula I grew up by. The third performance will take place at a marina in Rockaway, Queens, another peninsula. 

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